My Mission

To Light THE WAY and offer some LOVE and Relativity. :-)

My Vision

 For is, To serve as a warm, welcoming reception area, and resource center of credible information for the newly awakening souls who are lead here. I only share my own personal experiences, and I only link outside sources that have been pertinent for me in my Spiritual Awakening, and Transformation back to Me. I urge you to always follow your own intuition, to use discernment when taking in any and all information, and to only take with you what resonates with YOUR SOUL. 

With that, I bid you Happy Journeying.... as you ease on down, down the road.  

From my Soul to Yours,


I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells.

I honor the place in you which is of 




and of 


When you are in that place in you, 

and I am in that place in me, 

We are 


New Blog!

SouLife Alchemy


As Within so Without. As Above, So Below. Let my LIFE reflect my (purified) 

Presto Change-O!

I intend to blog regularly on various topics. Feel free to comment. Please be respectful of everyone, and stay on topic. Thanks!

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Not everyone is called to the front-line, or into the trenches. However, there are other ways that you have been gifted. Your calling may be to lend your support monetarily. If you feel that stirring inside your Soul, then this "Donate" button is for YOU.
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Although we are happy to serve, for this is why we came, this work takes A LOT of energy, so we gladly accept your monetary support as an energy exchange. 

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